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Entrepreneurship and integrative decision-making

Entrepreneurship is a core topic at Sense & Systems - Wilde & Partner. We perceive entrepreneurship as the driving force of our undertakings and those of others. In crafts, industry, research and teaching as well as in political, social and cultural arenas, we meet the entrepreneurial spirit that mobilises the courage to name challenges and then tackles them with innovative approaches. It is our concern to free and eventually support this dynamic of individuals and groups in all possible contexts in view of ambitious goals - internally at Sense & Systems and externally with you.

What also unites us within the partnership society is a constructivist understanding where 'worldview', 'knowledge', 'identity', 'interests' and 'language' are woven together in dynamic interaction. Thus, we do not offer any standard solution. We strengthen your unique features, explore options and design strategies in interaction with you that aim to minimise the impact of hurdles and weaknesses. We strive for joint success - with sufficient trust to dare breaking new ground.

In view of successful and sustainable operations, often new models for effective coordination within teams and organisations are required as well. According to our observations, adequate structures and mechanism grow with time, attention and continuous learning. Within our partner society, we strive for flexible adaptation to changing tasks and context conditions. There is no boss’s position.