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Vision & Mission


Wilde & Partner stands for excellence in supporting those development and change processes that aim at increasingly regenerative economic activities, heedful collaboration of people/communities and respect for all beings in a globalised world. Rather than upon specific resources, techniques, technologies or business models, we rely upon integral thinking for the development of meaningful solutions and strategies. We want to reveal and eventually support the entrepreneurial dynamic of individuals and communities for ambitious goals in a variety of contexts.


We pursue this claim in collaboration with companies, governmental and civil societal organisations nationally and internationally by

  • Interacting in a creative manner with our customers, learning and aiming at continuing competence gains on the part of all partners;
  • Committing ourselves towards customers to joint success;
  • Developing entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour alongside social mindfulness, health- and environment-related consciousness;
  • Observing the limits of our capacities and collaborating with partners who hold complementary expertise;
  • Reflection and engagement of ‘reflectors’ for dealing with unintended side effects of our activities.

In a medium-term perspective, we engage ourselves in other party’s competence-building through the establishment of further qualification offers and learning-partnerships.