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Consulting – advisory services

These days, a modern perception of „consulting“ mostly leads into trustfully co-operation and co-creation of new solutions and implementation strategies. For some customers the process starts with an analysis/evaluation of past or ongoing projects/processes - for others, data collection on future scenarios is required. We support advice with due respect for the responsibility of a client him/her-self inter alia via transparency (data, sources, open questions). The process is equally committed to the good of the person/organisation seeking advice and the good of other people/communities within the social context. Awareness here includes those who cannot express their interests themselves (yet).

We gladly support you for instance in your efforts to

  • Better understand or re-define the uniqueness and essence of your organisation along with your value proposition to customers and collaboration partners;
  • Identify development potentials;
  • Plan the expansion of capacities or competences;
  • Check the suitability of elements of corporate culture, management systems, organisational structures & processes, and optimise them in a regenerative perspective;
  • Analyse dynamic relations and embeddedness in relevant context settings and eventually optimise them in a regenerative perspective;
  • Blaze pathways to change and tread them.

Consulting approaches and methods are oriented towards the attainment of jointly identified objectives in such a way that competences and resources on the customer side are best utilised and possibly strengthened. We aim to meet quality criteria for consulting processes and results as efficient as possible. We will gladly agree with you on performance-related remuneration parts.