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We offer customised qualification in situations where executives and staff are challenged to deal with higher degrees of complexity and (internationally – as the case may be) networked activities. A humanistic perspective is the basis of interventions. Customised learning arrangements may for instance address the following topics:

  • Group dynamics and behaviour of complex systems;
  • Values-based leadership for mindful people;
  • Diversity, innovation and intrapreneurship;
  • Healthy basis for long-term human performance capacity and organisational resilence;
  • Responsible growth and internationalisation;
  • Failure, learning and conflict resolution culture.

Our qualification approaches and methods favour strong interaction of participants, reflexive closing of learning cycles in direct relation to the handling of specific challenges, and constructivist learning experiments. As need may be, we also volunteer to facilitate the transfer of experience from other contexts or the establishment of medium to long-term learning partnerships. We propose indicators and efficient measurement methods to verify the attainment of jointly determined qualification objectives.